Choosing the Perfect Name for Your Child: Insights from Sadhguru.

Choosing the Perfect Name for Your Child: Insights from Sadhguru.

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How do you choose a name of your child? By Sadhguru.

Selecting a name for your child is a profound decision that carries significance beyond mere identification. It’s an act that connects your child to the fabric of existence, and in many cultures, including the ancient traditions of India, this process is approached with deep thought and reverence. In a YouTube video transcript featuring Sadhguru, we gain unique insights into the importance of naming a baby based on the time and place of birth. Sadhguru delves into the profound relationship between sound and form, the influence of astrology, and the dynamics of naming in Indian society.

The Sanskrit Alphabet: A Language Derived from Existence

Sadhguru begins by highlighting the profound nature of the Sanskrit alphabet. Unlike languages created for the purpose of communication, Sanskrit was not fabricated; it evolved from deep observation of existence itself. Every sound in Sanskrit is connected to a specific form, and this connection is what gives rise to mantras – pure sounds with corresponding forms. In essence, each sound has a unique vibrational quality.

The Influence of Cosmic Geometry

When a child is born, their name is often determined by the cosmic geometry of the time and place of their birth. While this might sound complex, there is a scientific basis to it. Just as sounds have specific forms, the positions of celestial bodies at birth can be translated into specific sounds. These sounds are believed to resonate harmoniously with the child’s life path.

The Complexity of Sanskrit Alphabets

Sanskrit has a rich and intricate alphabet with 54 characters, each capable of producing hundreds of minor sounds. Naming a child based on these minor sounds can be exceptionally complex. However, when individuals take on certain spiritual paths like brahmacharya or sannyasa (renunciation), their names are adjusted not based on birth but on their unique qualities and the way they embrace their spiritual journey.

The Power of a Name

Sadhguru emphasizes that the meaning of a name is not the primary concern. Instead, the focus is on choosing a name that resonates with the individual. When a name is uttered, it should evoke something deep within the person. It’s about creating a connection between the sound and the individual, rather than adhering strictly to the name’s meaning.

The Significance of Male Names

In traditional Indian society, more attention was often given to naming male children. This wasn’t due to sexism but practicality – sons typically stayed with their parents throughout their lives. Therefore, it was crucial to select a name that harmonized with the family’s dynamics. The choice of a name was a carefully calculated process to ensure a smooth geometric equation within the family.

Changing Names for Women

Historically, women in India would change their names upon marriage. This practice was based on a thoughtful analysis of the husband’s name and the celestial factors involved. However, societal norms have evolved, and now women have the choice to retain their names after marriage, reflecting a shift towards more equitable practices.


Choosing a name for your child is a significant undertaking, one that connects them to the fundamental aspects of existence. As Sadhguru elucidates, it’s about more than just labels; it’s about resonance and harmony. Whether you adhere to the principles of astrology or select a name based on personal significance, the process should be a thoughtful and meaningful one, connecting your child to their roots and their future.

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