Skanda Movie Review: A Mass Action Entertainer with Familiar Tropes.

Skanda Movie Review: A Mass Action Entertainer with Familiar Tropes.

“Skanda,” the latest offering from director Boyapati Sreenu, teams up with the charismatic Ram Pothineni in a role that showcases his physical prowess and action chops. The film, released amidst high expectations, blends traditional mass elements with a revenge-driven plot. In this review, we delve into the performances, technical aspects, and overall narrative of “Skanda.”

Ram Pothineni takes on a rugged persona for “Skanda,” and he doesn’t disappoint. His charisma shines through, especially during the adrenaline-pumping action sequences that are scattered throughout the film. Sree Leela adds glamour and impresses with her dance moves, particularly in songs like “Chuttu Chuttu” and “Gandarabai.” Saiee Manjrekar makes a brief appearance in a guest role, while Raja Daggubati delivers a notable performance. Srikanth is convincing in his role, and the supporting cast, including Prince, Prudhvi, Kilikki Prabhakar, Sharath Lohitashwa, and Ajay Purkar, contribute adequately to their respective characters. However, some actors, like Indraja and Gouthami, are underutilized.

The Boyapati-Thaman combination is known for its impactful background music, but in “Skanda,” the BGM tends to be overly loud, somewhat overwhelming the viewer. On a positive note, the song “Ne Chuttu” is a visual treat. The dialogues, while monotonous with rhyming patterns, do little to elevate the overall narrative. Cinematography and editing are serviceable, though the second half of the film could have benefited from a faster pace.

“Skanda” adheres to Boyapati’s signature style of high-octane action, bloodshed, larger-than-life heroes, and predictable plotlines. The film revolves around the classic theme of good triumphing over evil, with Ram’s character going to great lengths to protect a family close to him. While this formula has worked in the past, “Skanda” falls short in offering a fresh perspective.

The first half of the film struggles to engage the audience, with a conventional setup involving the hero’s attempts to woo a CM’s daughter and political tensions between two states. The romantic track lacks depth, and it’s the action sequences that keep the momentum going until the interval.

The second half escalates the violence and reveals the central plot, with Ram on a relentless killing spree. Boyapati sticks to the tried-and-tested formula of powerful politicians targeting an honest businessman for their illegal activities. However, the film loses its grip on logic, introducing outdated concepts like drug usage and sexual allegations to frame an innocent man.

While the action sequences are thrilling and cater to the mass audience, they often stretch believability, with Ram single-handedly overpowering hordes of armed men in his village. In a Boyapati film, it’s advisable not to scrutinize the logic too closely.

As expected, the climax features an extended action sequence in a temple setting with dangerous weapons, culminating in a predictable twist. “Skanda” ultimately serves as a routine mass-action film adhering to the Boyapati template, likely to resonate with action enthusiasts and Ram’s fans.

“Skanda” delivers the expected dose of mass action and entertainment, with Ram Pothineni impressing in his rugged avatar. While the film adheres to familiar tropes and lacks fresh narrative elements, it caters to a specific audience looking for adrenaline-pumping action sequences. If you’re a fan of Ram or enjoy the spectacle of mass entertainers, “Skanda” might be worth a watch.

Rating: 2.5/5

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